Role of Copper in Onion Production

Copper has a key role to play in lignin formation.

It is also linked to chlorophyll performance.

Die Wirkung von Kupfer auf die Oberfläche von ZwiebelschalenTrials in Brazil show that copper can improve crop marketability by enhancing skin color.

Copper effect at growth stages

Stage Copper effect
Vegetative Growth Ensure photosynthetic growth is not limiting
Bulb Formation To maintain leaf growth
Bulb Fill For good skin quality

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General Guidelines for Copper Application

Adequate supplies of copper are important for bulb skin and onion scale development, as a result of the element’s role in lignin production.

Copper Deficiencies in Onion

Tips of young leaves turn white and twist into a corkscrew or bend at right angles. Bulbs have thin, yellow outer scales, are less solid, and are often earlier maturing. Deficiencies are more common on organic or sandy soils and where excessive nitrogen rates have been applied.