Role of Molybdenum in Onion Production

Molybdenum is an important component of nitrate reductase and thus involved in nitrogen metabolism as well as the synthesis of pigments and chlorophyll.

Molybdenum effect at growth stages

Stage Molybdenum effect
Vegetative Growth Ensure photosynthetic growth is not limiting
Bulb Formation To maintain leaf growth
Bulb Fill Less critical, but to maintain growth and prolong bulking

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General Guidelines for Molybdenum Application

As all other micronutrients, molybdenum plays a role in seedling and leaf growth. Without good leaf productivity, growth slows and yield suffers.

Molybdenum Deficiencies in Onion

Deficiency in new crops results in poor crop emergence and seedling death. In established crops, lack of molybdenum leads to leaf tip dieback with wilted tissue between the necrotic and healthy areas. Problems are most common on acidic or sandy soils with low organic matters.